Sherpas for Life

Ongoing Support for Elders

Our combination of healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge, and project management skills makes us an invaluable resource for our clients and their families.

Elders and their families who have experienced our services often want us to stay on indefinitely to help them continue to refine and meet their goals. With Sherpas for Life™, we will continue working with you beyond our standard service packages – for as long as you want!

What’s Included in Sherpas for Life?

  • Your Client Director will continue working with you as long as you’d like and will be just a phone call away
  • Monthly reassessment of needs and goals
  • Ongoing support and project management to meet your changing needs
    and goals
  • Connecting elders and their families with the right professionals at the right time to deliver on the plan – and we follow-up with any professionals or healthcare providers who do not respond
  • Weekly meeting with clients
  • Bundled pricing based on needs

We had tried four times before to move our frail parents but for various reasons, we could not make it happen. Silver Sherpa worked with our parents over 4 months to figure out what they wanted and then put together a team of over ten companies to make it happen. Silver Sherpa visits every week in my parent’s retirement home and we now have Sherpa’s for life.


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