Silver Sherpa Navigation Program

Assistance with a Specific Challenge (3-4 Months)

Seniors are facing so many competing priorities in planning their immediate future – it can feel like being in a maze. Finding your way is stressful and you may feel as though you’re losing control.

Silver Sherpa is ready to step in and guide elders and their families through this maze with our unique combination of healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge, and project management skills.

What’s Included in Our Navigation Program?

  • Start immediately with your dedicated Client Director for 3-4 months of personalized service
  • Assess your needs and wants now and develop an action plan for your specific challenge, such as:
    • Getting the care you need from the healthcare system
    • Financial disorganization
    • Legal preparedness
    • Retirement living options
  • Providing options for you to choose from and ensure you understand all of the cost implications
  • Follow-up and coordination with any professionals or healthcare providers
  • Referrals to members of our trusted professional network, if desired
  • Weekly assistance to help you execute your action plan
  • Bundled pricing (you get one bill, one price)

Silver Sherpa is a much-needed service for seniors and their families.


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