Elder Planning and Ongoing Assistance Services

Silver Sherpa combines healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge, and project management skills to cut through the confusion and facilitate proactive planning for elders and their families.

We will assess the circumstances of an elderly person or couple, determine their needs and wants (now and for the future), and work with them to build and deliver actionable, pragmatic plans.

Don’t wait for crisis to strike – get a plan in place now that covers essential aspects of living, including physical health, legal and financial preparedness, living situation and safety, social relationships, and more.

Personalized Living Plan™

Silver Sherpa works with the elderly and their families to build and deliver action focused, practical plans that provide a comprehensive roadmap for all aspects of ageing. We go beyond just health or finances to consider the whole person. Your Client Director will be there every step of the way. We are proactive advisors, helping elders live life on their terms to enjoy their silver years.

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Sherpas For Life™

Our combination of healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge, and project management skills makes us an invaluable resource for our clients and their families. Elders and their families who have experienced our services often want us to stay on indefinitely to help them continue to refine and meet their goals. With Sherpas for Life™, we will continue working with you beyond our standard service packages – for as long as you want!

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Smart Ageing Program™

You, like many others, may find it difficult to talk about your preparedness as you age. We understand, and we can make that conversation easier with our Smart Ageing Program™. The Smart Ageing Program™ is a confidential, at-home meeting guided by a Silver Sherpa Client Director. Together, we will take a look at your legal and financial preparedness as well as any personal care and healthcare concerns.

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