Silver Sherpa exists to help you cope with the inevitable and complex challenges in caring for your elderly loved ones.

  • One of your parents has a health crisis and can no longer care for your other parent. Who becomes the primary caregiver?
  • You have an elderly parent who cannot live safely alone and there is no family member close by. What are your options?
  • You have been the primary caregiver for ageing parents and are now completely overwhelmed. Where do you go for help?
  • You notice one of your parents is showing signs of dementia. What do you do now?

Whether you are struggling with a crisis or planning for the future, Silver Sherpa offers immediate solutions to get through the maze of healthcare options, financial and legal prepardness, caregiver and living arrangements, and numerous other challenges.

You are not alone. Contact Silver Sherpa for immediate assistance.

About Silver Sherpa

Silver Sherpa is a professional services company offering independent, personalized support and advice for elders and their families as they navigate the complications associated with ageing.

A dedicated Client Director will guide you and your family through the myriad of challenges elders inevitably experience; health issues or crises, living arrangements, legal and financial preparedness, estate planning, etc.

Susan Hyatt, an international healthcare expert and corporate strategist, founded Silver Sherpa after her elderly parents went into crisis while she was working overseas.

During this difficult and stressful period, Susan could not find a trusted service provider that could assist her in navigating these difficult waters.

Hence, Silver Sherpa was born. We do understand your worries and stresses because we have been there ourselves.

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